Many towns and cities have unique restaurants and business spots that residents know well and are very loyal to. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that local and small businesses need our help more than ever. And after all, when you choose a local shop, you are choosing to support your neighbor.

Being in Glastonbury for as long as we have been, we always try to support our neighbors and local friends. So, now more than ever is the time to come together and help keep your favorite local eating establishments running. There are many benefits to choosing these restaurants over chain ones, and here’s why:

1. Enjoy a Specialized Experience

When you choose a local, resident known restaurant, you are also choosing a memorable culinary experience, unlike any other spot. That’s what makes these small businesses so special; they take pride in their cooking and want nothing more than for customers to feel right at home every time they visit. You start to learn faces and names the more often you go, and this friendly atmosphere isn’t something you’d find anywhere else.

2. The Food is Local and Organic

Another benefit of supporting local restaurants is that you are often supporting local farms as well. When the food is cooked fresh daily and ingredients are handpicked by the owners, they are more than likely to get these foods from farms within the region. So in a way, when you order with us, you are supporting two local businesses– all while eating organic and healthy ingredients!

3. Try New, Exciting Dishes

The truth is that chain restaurants all have the same dishes sold throughout. But, with a locally owned restaurant, you’re able to sit down and enjoy a new culinary experience unlike anywhere else. Every item on the menu has been personalized and made to perfection. The chef and owners want their customers to eat something new!

4. Invest in Local Economy

When you choose to eat locally, you are also giving money right back into your community. This way, you help keep these local restaurants open and even make sure that more jobs are being created. And that way, more and more of the community will be able to enjoy the delicious foods and experiences these places offer.

5. Help Make Room For New Culinary Styles

With every dime spent being given to these local eateries, you make room for new kinds of cultures and foods to experience. This helps build your community’s regional flavor options, making room for new dishes you maybe haven’t tried before. In turn, this makes for better dining options, especially in smaller areas and towns that perhaps are a little tired of the same themes over and over again.

Fresh, Authentic Greek Food in the Glastonbury Area

We strive to serve our customers with healthy and quality fast-casual food for the entire family to enjoy! Bringing quality greek cuisine and Mediterranean food to the Glastonbury area is essential to us. We never sacrifice quality for fast and convenient food, so you know that every bite will be just as good as the first.