A new season brings new trends to the table, but they don’t always have to revolve around home décor or fashion! Autumn food trends tend to be some of the most popular and anticipated of the year, with many iconic flavors resurfacing. 

Here at Kouzina Mediterranean Eatery, we have a complete list of the latest seasonal trends to look forward to this year and inspiration that will keep you satisfied all of fall! 

Pumpkins Galore

People will literally count down the minutes until all things pumpkin drop at the start of September! From lattes to sauces, fall wouldn’t be fall without the rich flavor of pumpkin. And whether it’s for dessert or dinner, it’s impossible to go this season without it. 

Charcuterie Boards

These flavorful cheese boards have impacted the summer season, but we will definitely see a rise in popularity as we get closer to autumn. This is because so many fall tastes are in season again, making for great additions next to your favorite cheeses. From fig jams to apples and cranberry cuts, you won’t want to skip out on the charcuterie board trend.

Comfort Foods

When most people think about comfort foods, they imagine warm, amiable foods that will coat their bellies when the days get colder. Autumn and winter are known for being big comfort food months, with the trend reappearing almost every year. However, this year there is an even bigger emphasis on comfort foods than before. From soups and pasta to homemade pizza and stews, most cannot wait for fall to come around just for a cozy hug in their bellies. 

And we are ready to provide you the best in warm, healthy, and comforting food for you to enjoy all season long! 

Fresh, Authentic Greek Food in the Glastonbury Area

We strive to serve our customers with healthy and quality fast-casual food for the entire family to enjoy! Bringing quality Greek cuisine and Mediterranean food to the Glastonbury area is essential to us. We never sacrifice quality for fast and convenient food, so you know that every bite will be just as good as the first.